24 Maret 2008

TV Amplifier UHF 3 W. Broadband

A broadband linear amplifier design is presented, suitable for application in tv transposers, operating in band IV and V(470 - 860) MHz. The design is based on a BLW898 bipolar transistor. Typical results at the recommended class-A biaspoint (25 V/1.1 A) for the total module include a 3-tone IMD level of -64 dB (fvision = -8 dB, fsideband = -16 dB and fsound = -10 dB) and an average gain of 10.5 dB at 3 W peak-sync output power in the (470 - 860) MHz frequencyrange.

The BLW898 is a bipolar linear power transistor designed to operate in the (470 - 860) MHz range. The transistor isencapsulated in a SOT171A 6-lead rectangular flange package with a ceramic cap. The specified output power is 3 W peak-sync in class-A. The intermodulation distortion level (IMD) < -63 dB (fvision = -8 dB, fsideband = -16 dB and fsound = -10 dB) and gain >10 dB at 860 MHz.For application in TV transposers for Band IV/V (470 - 860) MHz a wideband linear power amplifier has been designedoperating in class-A. It is suitable for driving higher power stages in TV-transposers.

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