25 Maret 2008

FM Antenna Broadcast 88-108Mhz

Antenna is final device for sending any information from your transmitter. In fm transmitter you need signal transmitted to any direction so you need antenna type that transmitted with polarized circularly. Gain Antenna -3.2 dB, bandwith 500 KHz with maximum power handling 500 Watts. In order to use antenna on 88-108 MHz, broadband antenna type must be designed with no tune involved.

How Your Signal Amplified
Amplification of signal to transmit based on antenna gain in Decible. Signal from transmitter be able to doubled, tripled or even become more power. The value is called ERP (Emmittion Radiating Power). For Doubled your transmitter power to be ERP Power need stacked 4 antennas (3.12 dB gain antenna), 6 antennas (5.12 dB), 8 antennas (6.4 dB).

ERP = Transmitter Power x Antenna gain

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